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Innovating a Piece of Paradise

Peter Schmid is, first and foremost, a car guy. Beyond enjoying the design, beauty and historic significance of automobiles, Peter knows how they work, and to such an extent that he has operated several successful automotive repair-related businesses, judged classic cars, and trained the next generation of best-in-class Mercedes technicians. So what does this have to do with hospitality at the Lodge at Blue Lakes? Peter has found a way to transfer his love of auto history and technical proficiency into running a successful resort.

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The Lodge, a Gem Polished by the Owners “R&D Lifestyle”

The Lodge, a Gem Polished by the Owners “R&D Lifestyle”

The Lodge at Blue Lakes, situated on Upper Blue Lake, in northern California’s Lake County, is a beacon to owners Peter and Maryann Schmid’s sense of hospitality. For first-time visitors, the fresh, modern interior design may be a surprise. Nearby there are a variety of accommodations, from campgrounds, RV parks, and in-town hotels, but Maryann… Continue Reading