History of The Lodge at Blue Lakes

Resorts north of Napa Valley and famed wine country were once crown jewels of Northern California. Most are now just faded memories, a few scraps of wood here and some foundations there. A delightful exception is The Lodge at Blue Lakes.

The Lodge was originally named the Blue Lakes Hotel. After twice burning down it was relocated in the late 1930’s or early 1940’s to its present location on Highway 20, as a dance hall. That was the era of the pre-rock and roll big bands and dance halls.

The Renovation by Peter & Maryann Schmid

The property, progressing through phases from dance hall, restaurant and motel declined into bankruptcy with boarded up doors and windows and near oblivion. It was then purchased by the present owners, Peter and Maryann Schmid from San Francisco on October 31, 2003. They immediately began the task of refurbishing and restoring to turn the place into the warm and charming place it is. This took until Memorial Day in 2005 when it was fully reopened with 20 luxury hotel rooms and a spectacular Special Events Center.

The Hotel Rooms

The rooms have been beautifully restored to 19th century ambiance, some with fireplaces, four-poster beds and an in-room Jacuzzi spa. Most rooms have an entrance opening just steps from the gorgeous crystal clear fresh waters of Blue Lakes with swimming, boating, fishing, sunbathing and other aquatic amenities.

The Special Events Center

The Special Events Center has the largest operating kitchen in the County, a handsome bar and a meeting center large enough to hold 250 guests seated for dinner or events. The Special Events Center compliments the luxury rooms.

Open for private events, it is an excellent facility for weddings, meetings, reunions, retreats, anniversaries and celebrations of all types. Often, the total resort is completely reserved for private groups. The venue is perfect for a wide variety of gatherings from family oriented parties to private settings for movie stars and the rich and famous.

Twenty-five Murals

Many guests admire the twenty-five murals on the walls in The Special Events Center. They were recently restored by artist, Richard Vargas. The murals adorn the walls, high up representing lodge type activities. Vargas says “I studied art most of my life. I have a master’s degree in painting and art history. I have also studied in Europe. I worked for Disney entertainment as a scenic artist restoring props and artwork. In the past I have designed and worked on murals for churches, buildings and city projects. My most recent work entailed working on multi-million dollar homes with custom finishes that were one of a kind mixes of faux finishing, and distress looks…After moving to Lake County, my wife, Laurie Ann, and I were introducing ourselves to the Blue Lakes Lodge and that is where we met Maryann & Peter and they told me about the old murals that needed work since they were damaged and in need of touch up due to scratches, peeling paint and discoloration from years of improper cleaning and neglect. I decided to volunteer my time and expertise and restore the works of art. A few of the questions asked of me are: How old are the paintings? They were painted about the 1960’s by local artists. What types of paint were used in 1960? I believe some were painted with house paint, some with acrylic paint; many were done on press paper and drywall. What type of damage was there? Most was water stains, fading of color or peeling of paint. What have you done to restore them? I have cleaned them as best as I can, I patched them, some had holes the size of baseballs and I repaired scratches and taken off old paint and refinished them with oil paints.”

“Crown Jewel”

The Lodge at Blue Lakes today is repeatedly referred to as the “Crown Jewel” or as a “Magnificent Resort” with guests overwhelmed by the beauty and the luxury the resort abounds with. One step into The Lodge at Blue Lake’s Special Events Center and you, too, will most likely be awed by its sheer size and beauty on crystal clear shores of Blue Lake’s and say “Wow.”

Today’s guests are very similar the guests in the 1800’s in their desire for a world class destination. A special place where they can relax and renew on the shores of a pristine lake surrounded in privacy by majestic mountains.

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