Innovating a Piece of Paradise

Peter Schmid is, first and foremost, a car guy. Beyond enjoying the design, beauty and historic significance of automobiles, Peter knows how they work, and to such an extent that he has operated several successful automotive repair-related businesses, judged classic cars, and trained the next generation of best-in-class Mercedes technicians. So what does this have to do with hospitality at the Lodge at Blue Lakes? Peter has found a way to transfer his love of auto history and technical proficiency into running a successful resort.

First, a little background. Although he left the immediate Bay area over 10 years ago, Peter’s influence remains strong in the Bay Area Mercedes community, where his businesses thrived, and continue under new ownership. Even the competition of today was trained by “Guru” Peter, as he is called.

In 1990 Peter was invited to judge Mercedes at the Pebble Beach Concours event, in which he participated for 15 years. Peter’s claim to fame has historic ties. It was he who rebuilt a historic Mercedes, said to have been gifted to Stalin by Hitler. The notorious car had been disassembled, stored in boxes, and eventually reassembled to haul—barely intact–overseas. He was fingered by the new owners as the most knowledgeable Mercedes mechanic, and brought in for the job of rebuilding the vehicle.

Admiral Peter loves his electric boats!
Admiral Peter loves his electric boats!

When they first saw the Lodge site, Peter and his wife and partner, Maryann, were overtaken by the property’s possibilities. An enormous parking lot was there, just waiting to greet numerous patrons. Peter and Maryann have made good use of it over the years, hosting many private events, including several special-interest events for fellow automobile enthusiasts. The Lodge has hosted several events for noteworthy car clubs, among them San Jose Legion Model A Ford Club and the Diablo Legion Porsche Club. 

With his technical proficiency and drive to engineer practical solutions, Peter was the first to fit Upper Blue Lake watercraft with battery-powered electric engines, a clever innovation. The electric powered watercraft meet local regulations while affording patrons enjoyable lake excursions. The benefits include less odor and noise, and a relaxing lake experience. Peter and Maryann offer an hour outing free for each room upon check in, and visitors are eager to take advantage. They have even taken to calling the craft “electronic yachts,” and lunchtime outings are especially popular, when patrons enjoy picnicking on the lake.

Peter brings a wealth of life experience to the Lodge, which offers patrons a unique lakefront getaway that’s anything but average. Leveraging a lifetime of business success and technical know-how, Peter and Maryann make a stay at the Lodge at Blue Lakes extraordinary.

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