Room & Boats Packages

Our room and boat packages provide an affordable option for making your stay memorable.
Step 1. Choose your travel dates and room type.
Step 2. Choose your selection of Boat!
Step 3. Book online by using the BOOK NOW (room and boat) or RENT BOATS (boat rental) button or call to reserve.


Sample Combination – Book Online!

Electric boat as part of room and boat packagesCat 16 – Electric Yacht
The Cat 16 has spacious accommodations and the incredible maneuverability and stability add to the cruising enjoyment.


Room & Boat Rentals

1429051837Deluxe King With Jacuzzi
Romantic Deluxe room with Jacuzzi for two people. Accommodation includes use of CAT 16 ELECTRIC YACHT for a two hour intimate lake cruise experience. small refrigerator and 32″ flat panel TV