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Small Business of the Year


Once a rundown resort riddled with problems, The Lodge at Blue Lakes is now a welcoming beacon to tourists and locals. The resort not only provides top-notch accommodations for tourists but also offers locals a venue for special events, and works in a complimentary way with other local restaurants and hotels. Peter, known as “Admiral Peter”, has the largest fleet of electric boats in Northern California. This is one of the unique attractions that Blue Lakes and Lake County can be proud to showcase, drawing tourists and locals alike. The business is a success story, but when Maryann and Peter decided to purchase The Lodge at Blue Lakes, it was against big odds. The facility was in a sad state of disrepair and had changed hands many times. The overwhelming reaction from friends and business consultants to their interest in purchasing the facility was negative. Nobody thought that they would make it.

Maryann and Peter Schmid
Maryann & Peter Schmid

Where others saw disrepair, Maryann and Peter saw a diamond in the rough. Maryann, who manages the resort, understands marketing. Coming from the Bay Area where parking is scarce and very expensive, Maryann knew instantly that one key aspect of the operation was the abundance of good parking. Of course, she and Peter also knew the natural beauty of the lake nestled behind the resort would be a draw. Maryann marketed the facility to nearby Mendocino County and the Bay Area, as well as locally. Guests started booking vacations and the once dilapidated lodge began to sparkle. Two years after opening, Maryann saw an opportunity for an event center. It was the largest venue of its type in Lake County since Konocti Harbor had closed. The event center was an almost overnight success.

Maryann’s management style is to be a mentor to her employees. Employees are considered family and Maryann finds much satisfaction witnessing how employees with little or no experience grow into a passionate team of associates who adhere to providing the highest standards.

Maryann and Peter are also solid supporters of Lake County, giving generously of their time and money to support important community educational and other non-profit endeavors including the Academic Decathlon, a partnership between the Lake County Office of Education, local school districts and community businesses and organizations that promote the achievements of youth.

Today, thanks to Maryann and Peter, The Lodge at Blue Lakes is a shining example of what vision, determination, commitment and business acumen can accomplish.

Nomination by Olga Steele