Did you know?

Plastic fuels global warming, and is a cause for forest fires.

As our climate changes, the planet gets hotter, the plastic releases greenhouse gases that increases the rate of climate change.

Cigarette butts pollute land and water.

Cigarette butts leach toxic chemicals and carcinogens that pollute the environment.

Recycling and proper waste management helps the earth.

We can choose to dispose our trash — by recycling and throwing it in the proper places.

53 liters of water is needed for every laundry wash.

That is equivalent to 1 person drinking water almost 3 cups a day for a year.

Washing a single towel adds to our carbon footprint.

Tumble drying racks up even more emissions to Mother Earth.

Sheets washed daily in hotel around the world use tons of detergent.

Whenever detergent is used, chemicals are released for the environment to absorb.

The little actions we do can make a big difference on Mother Earth. Whenever we clean up our trash and place it in the proper disposal areas, we are preserving our natural surroundings. Whenever we use less, we are able to conserve water and energy, which helps our community and the future generation.


Join The Team, Build The Dream.

Peter and Maryann Schmid, owners of The Lodge at Blue Lakes, are the founders of 1Team 1Dream, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting economic stability and environmental sustainability.


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