Beautiful Memories Coming to Life

For years, The Lodge at Blue Lakes has sat on the idyllic shores of sparkling spring-fed waters of Blue Lakes, bringing memorable journeys to families near and far. Inspired by the countryside’s rustic charm, the resort offers our guests the opportunity to rediscover the simple joys of life by falling in love with nature once again. We believe waking up to crisp mornings to gaze into the relaxing backdrop of a calm and peaceful lake surrounded by lush green mountains can purify the soul. We believe in reconnecting with ourselves with leisurely swims, walks, and meditation. We believe in deepening our relationship with loved ones by spending time with one another. At the Lodge, you can experience the ordinary yet uncanny. Watching sunsets aboard our electric boats and yachts may seem mundane, but the shared moments, the stories, the laughter, and the colors of the dancing sun make it poignant and magical. The Lodge at Blue Lakes does not merely provide a bed and shelter; it’s about bringing strong, beautiful memories to life.

The Schmids

The Lodge at Blue Lakes started with Peter and Maryann Schmid’s love for nature. It is their love for nature that also inspired them to make a difference in the community.

How The Resort Started

Originally named the Blue Lakes Hotel, The Lodge at Blue Lakes twice burned to the ground before being rebuilt in its current location along Highway 20 in the early 1940’s. During this time, The Lodge at Blue Lakes was host to many festive weekends with live bands and plenty of Lindy Hopping! Sadly, the property declined into bankruptcy with boarded-up doors and windows. One day, Peter and Maryann Schmid visited the place and fell in love with the property, its surrounding mountains and beautiful Blue Lakes. The couple immediately began the restoration of The Lodge at Blue Lakes into the charming, welcoming auberge it is today. Two years in the making, The Lodge at Blue Lakes reopened on Memorial Day with 20 rooms (now 22) restored beautifully with modern amenities and rustic decorator accents. The property also holds a spectacular Special Events Center and lakeside deck, which are beautiful backdrops to any celebration.

The hotel today
Kayaking in the lake
Birds on lake
Birds on lake
Girl playing on sand
Waterfront deck
The view
Waterfront deck

How We Give Back

The Lodge at Blue Lakes started with the Schmid’s love for nature. It is their love for nature that also inspired them to make a difference in the community.

Maryann and Peter Schmid, along with Olga Steele, founded 1Team 1Dream, a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening economic stability in Lake County. The organization was formed in response to the years of fires that have led to the loss of people, property and livelihood. With 8 fires under 4 years, Lake County’s economy was greatly affected. Many businesses had a hard time getting back on their feet. So many families had lost their homes and their income. Many were displaced from the evacuation. To combat the effects of the raging fires, 1Team 1Dream started working on programs to help Lake County.

In 2020, 1Team 1Dream launched a successful business competition entitled The Hands Up Lake County, which provided $23,000 in cash prizes to help current and new entrepreneurs and business owners jumpstart their business. The competition sought to encourage and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in the community. Throughout the process of the competition, participants received training, advice and mentorship from experienced business leaders with a proven track record in the local community.

The Lodge at Blue Lakes will continue to support its local community through 1Team 1Dream. Discover what they have in store this 2021.

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