Making a Green Change

Waste disposal, overpopulation, loss of biodiversity, water scarcity and pollution are just a few of the long list of environmental issues that we are currently facing today. As the human race grows, so does our impact on Mother Earth. Our lifestyles have become increasingly unsustainable, our need for more spiraling out of control. We all need to start pushing to be environmentally conscious. We all have the responsibility to take care of our world.

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So, how can we make a difference? How can we affect change? There are several simple things that people can do on a daily basis to minimize their impact on the environment. Caring for Mother Nature is all about simplifying our lifestyle and making a conscious decision to make a change. Here are some tips on how you can make an impact on the environment in your own way.

Dispose of harmful chemicals properly


The use of these chemicals in our modern world may be necessary but we have to dispose of them properly to prevent toxins from entering the environment. Use chemicals wisely and be sure to dispose of them in closed containers in toxic waste sites which will handle them in environmentally friendly ways.

Compost food waste


Composting has become a highly recognized process in today’s world, utilizing kitchen waste in order to provide plants with the nutrients they need to grow strong. This reduces landfill waste and eliminates pollutants that harm the earth’s soil. Moreover, plants can benefit from these nutrient-rich soils, contributing to more organic farming and locally grown goods.

Practice organic farming


Speaking of organic farming, food businesses are encouraged to grow their own produce. They can also sell it to their friends, family, neighbors, or even local markets. This is vital in supporting local farms and reduces carbon footprint which harms the ozone layer through greenhouse gas emissions.

Plant trees or grow a garden on your walls


They will be a great addition to your business decor ideas and will reduce processed agricultural intake allowing some basic vegetables on your own balcony, organically. If you love to fancy some fresh homegrown basil on that pasta this Sunday, this vertical garden can bring it straight to your plate!

Ditch plastic or newspaper as much as possible


Reducing the amount of paper we use helps significantly so ditch newspapers and don’t depend too much on announcement posters and printed brochures. We are now in the digital age, so let’s make of this for daily news, calendar, to-do list app, and even marketing.

Buy machines or devices consciously

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There are now options on the market that are way more efficient and use significantly fewer resources, be it fuel or electricity. We could also choose alternative energy options, such as hybrid or electric cars and solar-powered heaters.

Conserve our resources


We can do our small part by conserving water and energy. According to Save the Water, the average American uses 2,000 gallons of water every day, while the average family in Africa uses only 5 gallons of water each day. Taking some of these steps to conserve water can make a big difference:

  • Only wash full loads of laundry.
  • Fill a bucket while showering and use it to water plants.
  • Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth (underrated).
  • Harvest rainwater.
  • Install water-efficient appliances and showerheads.

Join communities or with other business that supports the environment


Environmentally friendly lives can be achieved not only at the individual level but also at the community level and business level. As a community, we need to start prioritizing the earth’s well-being. As a business, we need to start raising awareness for environmental issues as well as solutions.

In the Lodge at Blue Lakes, we have launched the “Make A Green Change” (MAGC) program that seeks to conserve water and energy—resources that have been taken for granted by many.