5 Ways to Make this Year’s Thanksgiving Unique and Memorable

The Thanksgiving holiday is one that is filled with gratitude, family, and food. However, if you’re looking to spice things up a bit and do something special for the ones you love, here are some ways to make this Thanksgiving unique:

Make your holiday gathering a lot easier by hosting a potluck dinner.

Baked turkey with vegetables, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, garlic buns and
cranberry-orange sauce on the table dinner on Thanksgiving Day

If you’re looking to shake things up this year but still keep that thanksgiving feeling going strong, consider hosting a potluck dinner. Setting up a potluck can be a great alternative to hosting when preparing for a festivity involving many people and dishes. As long as you ensure you coordinate potluck dishes with your guests.

Take your party outside and enjoy the cooler autumn air!

Group of young friends gathered at Thanksgiving dinner table

Al fresco dining is a great way to be outdoors and enjoy the fall air. Set up your Thanksgiving dining arrangement under the stars. Think about everything you can do to make your outdoor meal magical. It can also free up space indoors.

Acknowledge the things you’re thankful for.

Group of young friends gathered at Thanksgiving dinner table

To some people, thanksgiving is a chance to stuff their faces with cranberry sauce and turkey. But there’s much more to it than food. Thanksgiving is a holiday centered on showing gratitude for what you have in life. After a mouth-watering three-course feast and lots of conversation, a collective moment of silence is sometimes followed by a thankfulness speech. The speaker can be anyone in the family, but the father often starts things off. He’ll talk about how thankful he is for his wife and children, For the great family and friends that surround him, and for the bounty that he has in life.

Liven up your Thanksgiving party by planning out a series of fun games.

Multi-ethnic group of young people playing guessing game while sitting at table during dinner party in dark room, copy space

We recommend hosting a few fun games if you’ve got a big crowd and are looking to keep them entertained. Assign game masters to each game and let your guests compete mentally or physically to win prizes.

Don’t forget the wishbone!

ways-thanksgiving-images-1 (1)

This holiday, get your kids involved in a wishbone-breaking ceremony. Kids love making wishes and being part of the whole family event. Build excitement around the holiday by letting each child take a turn breaking the wishbone and making a wish.

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